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8/20/2014 Site archived and moved to github following the announcement of the early termination of the Oregon DQP project.
1/6/2014 Converted website to a responsive design over the last few months. Chrome Frame is no longer supported and so has been removed. The only part of the website that is not responsive, as of now, is the Spidergraphs. Those will be next.
7/15/2013 Added About DQP - On the Web page with a list of websites with more than a little info about DQP.
6/24/2013 Released Spidergraphs to Github.
5/24/2013 Added CAPTCHA to conference registration form to hopefully keep the spammers from adding nonsense registrations.
5/21/2013 Added 5/17/13 Video Conference video. Three different versions. .OGG and .MP4 for HTML5 browsers and a graceful fallback to YouTube for those unfortunate people still running Windows and Internet Explorer.
5/20/2013 Added work plan documents section to work plan view pages so you can see documents that were uploaded to support a particular institution's work plans. [example]
5/6/2013 Added the ability to make Spidergraph programs inactive, and remove courses from a particular program.
5/2/2013 Fixed a problem with the Spidergraph template where the footer information wasn't sticking to the bottom of the page in Firefox browsers.
4/25/2013 Consolidated Documents into a single page.
4/24/2013 Imported Spidergraph data from Lane's Banner software as well as CCWD's Webform application into the Spidergraph Courses table.
4/18/2013 Uploaded a Spidergraph How-To manual to the website.
4/12/2013 Added National DQP and Oregon DQP pages to make it easier to find both national and local resources.
4/9/2013 Completed (mostly) converting PDFs, sitewide, to be fully accessible. I say mostly because there are a few with funky problems I'm not sure how to fix. I'll keep trying though.
3/22/2013 Started Section 508 Accessibility testing. I was pointed to the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool by WebAIM that will look at a web page and give you a list of errors and warnings. Seems to be pretty comprehensive. So far, so good, but it's going to take a while to get through the whole site.
3/18/2013 I was alerted to a problem with Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP throwing an error on the spidergraphs. Turns out that below IE9 there is no <canvas> tag which is used pretty heavily to display the spidergraphs. Go figure. IE doesn't work with something...
3/12/2013 Launched the Conference Registration and Administration sections on the website so that DQP conference information can be posted to the website and institutions can register to attend. Everything is automated, so attendees can add and change their registration information and DQP folks can run reports of attendees in Excel.
3/7/2013 Launched the new Spidergraph application which was converted from a beta Django application into PHP.
2/1/2013 Added upcoming 2/13/2013 Video Conference page to the website.
1/27/2013 Added the ability to create an admin report with all Workplan data in a single Excel spreadsheet.
1/25/2013 Added the ability to download the Workplan data as Microsoft Word 2010 .DOCX files.

Moved all conference information to the new website. Also converted animated .gif slideshows to flash-based slideshows so they load faster and are easier to manage.

1/10/2013 Set up In-Kind data input and graphing.
1/1/2013 Moved meeting adgenda and notes to new website.
12/15/2012 Redesigned oregondqp.lanecc.edu launched combining the old oregondqp.lanecc.edu/workplan (done in Django) and the public site.

3rd Party Software

The 3rd party software and scripts used on the Oregon DQP website

Twitter Bootstrap: One of the most popular front-end frameworks and open source projects in the world. Basically, it's what makes the website shrink gracefully no matter what size screen you're looking at it with.

CBP Horizontal Menu: This is the main nav menu at the top of your screen. I replaced the original menu system because it was not responsive. This one shrinks gracefully and seems to work well.

Responsive Video: Rather than use another javascript, or jquery library to make the videos on the website resize, I opted to use a CSS method. I felt that the website had enough bloat from external scripts, so CSS would be a lighter way to do what needs to be done.

Responsive Slides: There are a few places on the website that really need photo slideshows, so this little javascript resizes the photos while keeping them sliding.

Session-Based Flash Messages: Pop-up messages that display prompts and other messages on the website.

PHPWord: Used to create downloadable MS Word Reports in Word 2010 DOCX format.

PHPExcel: Used to create downloadable MS Excel reports in Excel XLS format.

jQuery Spidergraph: Used to create the spidergraph graphs in the reporting section of the website.

Google Charts: Used to dynamically display amounts of in-kind contributions toward the grant total of $510,000.

IconFinder.com: Icon search engine used to find various icons used on the DQP website. All icons used here are licensed "Free For Commercial Use".

The items below were on the original site, but are no longer used.

Chrome Frame: Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that seamlessly brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer.

DC Megamenu: The main menu system used on the site.

jQuery Tab Slideout: The "Important Dates" tab on the left side of the screen.

FadeSlideshow: The slideshow used for photo slideshows in the conferences section. Modified to dynamically load photos from a specified folder.

Sitemap: I used a slightly modified version of a PHP sitemap utility by a developer named Gary White released in 2006. I say slightly modified because I had to tailor it to work for our specific needs, but it was a very good start.




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